This article is about Asdfmovie in other countries.


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The logo of adsfmovie using in Russia.

In Russia, Asdfmovie is асдфмуви (eesdfmuuuuvi). It is airing on YouTube and Scratch Channel Russia as of 2011. 

Interesting thingsEdit

  • The first two years, Risiki translated asdfmovie, but as of 2013, asdfmovie is translated by Syenduk.
  • This is the only translation, that includes translation of the songs (as of 2012).


In Germany, Asdfmovie is die asdfmovie. It is airing on YouTube and on both Scratch Channel and Toon Scratch channels as of 2009.

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German version of asdfmovie logo.

Interesting thingsEdit

  • The movie is airing on Englo-German language, because it istranslated by TomSka and his friends.
  • In this version, I like Trains is not translated.
  • The asdfmite episode is called Die asdfmovie's asdfmite.


In France, asdfmovie is called asdfmovie: le meilleur film jamais (eng. asdfmovie: the best movie ever). It is currenly airing on
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The asdfmovie logo in France

YouTube, but the first 4 episodes were aired on Scratch XD France.

Interesting thingsEdit

  • The Scratch XD France used [http:// Cleopsys] version of asdfmovie.
  • The asdfmite was never translated.