The "I Like Trains Kid" is the star of the 'I like Trains' sketch, the most well known sketch of asdf movie, everytime he says "I like trains", a bystander, himself or both, get run over by a spontaneous train. The "I like Trains kid" may be inspired by the kid who said "I like turtles" on the news live. If you ask the creator of asdf movie (TomSka) in person, "What is the name of the I Like Trains Kid"?, he will tell you but you however you must keep it a secret!  His present and and past selves both appeared in Everybody do the flop, but instead of falling on their faces, they got hit by a train and plane, respectively.


When I Like Trains Kid was born, he never said anything, nor did he make a sound to his parents. A few years later, however, on his first day of school, his teacher asked him his name. And finally, he smiled and said, "I like trains".

His parents later took him to a hospital and put him on some Ritalin to see if it would help him with his speech. Eventually, the doctor found the perfect dose (9,401,306) and asked I Like Trains Kid how he was feeling. He smiled at the doctor and said, "I feel great!"

I Like Trains Kid was able to get an office job and straighten out his life. He sold his own home met a nice girl who he asked to be his wife, which she gladly accepted. During their wedding day, as they stood at the altar, and prepared to say their vows. He put a ring on her finger, and said "I like trains", resulting in her getting run over by a train.

I Like Trains Kid is immortal to his tagline, which explains why he still lives on.


Asdfmovie 2

  • I Like Trains
  • Cookies
  • What are you up to Son?
  • Who`s Gay 2 (train only)

Asdfmovie 3

  • Die Potato 3

Asdfmovie 6

  • Here Comes the Airplane (Appears as a baby)

And in his own song (by Tomska) I Like Trains Song


  • The "I like trains" kid was modeled and voiced by Edd Gould, who passed away on March 25, 2012 from a type of cancer! The character has not appeared in any sketch since, except in "Here Comes the Airplane" as a baby but the child doesn't speak.
  • In the Video 'Birthday Questions', a question was asked who would win in a fight between the "I like trains" kid or Mine Turtle, in this video Tomska stated that the "I like trains" kid would win as he is apparantly immortal, where as the Mine Turtle would probably go extinct from exploding....
  • In the episode when he says "I like trains" to his father, a train didn't appear, making that the only episode with the "I like trains" kid but without the train.