Do the Flop guy - a character of asdfmovie. First appeared in song Everybody Do the Flop. He is a dancer.


Mr. Damier was born on November 3, 2076. He most likely got involved in a car accident, thus he had two left feet. As he grew up, he discovered his passion for dancing. From dancing games at arcades, Damier (Darren Damier) enjoyed dancing all the time. But no matter how hard he tried, he couldn't get his dance moves right. A long time later, at night, he was walking along a dark, dark, dark, dark (x4) alleyway, when he was shot by the guy with a gun that he thought was a camera. He said 'Oh, I really liked this face' and got run over by the I like trains kid. He survived, and got blinded by the fat Sun. His unluckiness was caused by a wizard, who had cursed his life for potato murder, and so he began to use his talent by doing this sequence (imitating his reaction to him getting shot, dubbing himself 'Flopguy') in hope that he would see the wizard. He will die when a pony lands on his head, on Derfember 67, 6900.

Career beginningsEdit

One day, Flopguy jumped in the air (possibly from tripping over his feet), catching the attention of everybody around him. Just before he hit the ground, he had an incredible idea. He shouted, "Everybody do the flop!" and at the exact moment he flopped, everybody flopped. It was then that Dougal Flopguy came up with his very own dance, "The Flop ".

Following his new dance, Flopguy became a nationwide viral sensation, appearing on the red carpet, front page news and interviews. Everybody enjoyed it so much that they made their own Flop videos.

When Flopguy was performing at his own Flop concert, a guy in the audience was dancing along. Then Mine Turtle, came over, and he fell on him. Soon after, many of Flopguy's fans starting flopping into dangerous places, and he tried to stop them, but no avail.

Seeing that Mr. Flop's dance could lead to the world's destruction, he decided to come up with new trends and crazes to prevent people from flopping on their faces. He released new moves such as "Don't Fall Down", "Stay In Place" and "Standing Up", but nobody enjoyed the new moves.

Flopguy's popularity became inferiot because he was no longer doing the Flop. Everyone tuned him out and gave him rude comments on the internet, sending him into complete heartbreak.

Flopguy felt as if he had nothing left to prove, so he stood on a tall building and did the flop off the building but with the power of making his fans happy had brought him back to life.