Asdfmovie 2
First skit I baked you a pie
Closing skit Eat this Bagel
Song End Credits File
International premieres
Scratch Channel Airdate December 12, 2009
YouTube Airdate January 1, 2010
International versions In----Deuce DVD Release
Asdfmovie2 is the second Asdfmovie in the series, and was aired on 1 January, 2010. The skit "I Baked You a Pie" was the opening skit, while the skit "Eat this Bagel" is the closing skit. This episode currently has the highest amount of views, with over 40 million views. The episode is 1 minute 52 seconds long, and has 14 skits.


  • It had a continuation of "Die Potato" and another was seen in the next episode.
  • It introduced the "I Like Trains" Running Gag.
  • Cakebomb's animated signature was seen at the end of the Asdfmovie2.


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asdfmovie 2 poster as seen on Scratch Channel