First skit Falling Down the Stairs
Closing skit Random (when aired on Scratch Channel, Mine Turtle 3 was aired instead of Random)
Song TBA
International premieres
Scratch Channel Airdate May 6, 2012
YouTube Airdate May 12, 2012
International versions SNN Hooligans! (August 1, 2012, Spain)

Asdfmovie5 is the fifth Asdfmovie in the series, and was aired on Scratch Channel and uploaded on YouTube on 5 May 2012. The episode is 1 minute and 28 seconds long, and has 14 skits. It is the first movie to feature the mine turtle and the magical pony. It is also the second movie to feature the llama.


  • The "Mine Turtle 3" skit is a continuation of the "Teach a Llama to Drive" skit in asdfmovie 2.
  • The post-credits skit is based off an Eddsworld comic, where Tom and Edd exchange the dialogue of the skit.


  • If you look very closely in the Falling Down The Stairs sketch, at one point the man is falling UP the stairs.